What is BioSynchronistics®

Experience the unique BioSynchronistics® approach which utilizes one-on-one hands-on techniques in a whole body approach.

Cheryl Wilbur and Carol TschirpkeQuality Physical Therapy SM, Inc./BioSynchronistics®, a private group of clinics, was established in 1987. Co-owners Cheryl Wilbur and Carol Tschirpke are Registered Physical Therapists who constantly broaden and deepen their knowledge of physical therapy/manual therapy techniques through participation in medical courses and seminars.

Both therapists found a notable lack of whole body application in even the most sophisticated training. Focusing on the whole body because each patient needs the health of the whole body for daily living, Cheryl Wilbur and Carol Tschirpke developed a manual therapy approach named BioSynchronistics®.

BioSynchronistics® draws on traditional physical therapy techniques, and is enhanced with a holistic approach based on both the force of gravity and the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. BioSynchronistics® combines a manual approach that balance, sequentially, all of a body’s systems. When learned in full, BioSynchronistics® is quickly usable. It complies with current HMO requirements. Treatment is accepted by most insurances.

What is BioSynchronistics ?

Physical Therapy - Occupational TherapyBioSynchronistics is a approach of manual physical therapy effective in treating the common neuromusculoskeletal conditions experienced by non-athletes and athletes alike. Earmarks of modern life, such as too much sitting, repetitive motions, pushing yourself too far/too soon in athletics, emotional stress, etc., can cause your body to deviate from its natural biomechanical equilibrium into malalignment. So your center of gravity changes from its normal position. You feel this as unwanted, uncomfortable, tiring, painful, awkward tightness, strain, or functional limitation in your daily activities.

Actually, these are only symptoms resulting when your body compensates for its malalignment. Your body is working to keep you upright and functioning. Your muscles tighten, sometimes, even spasm, to help you deal with your malalignment. Merely removing this tightness will only bring temporary relief from your symptoms.

But BioSynchronistics-trained therapists view your body as a whole and take fully into account both your life style and the working arrangements in your body. BioSynchronistics approach systematically corrects your underlying malalignment and restores biomechanical equilibrium within your body. Now your body can let go of its difficult and even painful compensations, providing you lasting relief. You feel better because you are better.

Cheryl Wilbur - Physical TherapistPhysical Therapy That Treats the Whole Person

At Quality Physical Therapy/BioSynchronistics our goals and objectives are focused on providing a broad spectrum of physical therapy services that will contribute to the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of the people we serve. Whether you are recovering from an acute illness; wish to maintain your current state of wellness; would like to improve your current condition; or are interested in maximizing your physical performance level; we have programs to support your goals.

A Unique Approach to Evaluation and Treatment

BioSynchronistics is a method of evaluating your whole body in view of your lifestyle needs which leads to unified sequential treatment tailored to you. The Biosynchronistics approach to physical therapy evaluation and treatment was developed in our clinic by the owners/founders of Quality Physical Therapy/BioSynchronistics.  The gentle hands-on approach, which are rooted in the sciences of anatomy, physiology and physics, integrate the art of balancing the body around its center of gravity to promote improved multi-system function.

The Highest Quality Physical Therapy at Affordable Cost

While we accept most major health insurances, each insurance carrier has its own definition of covered physical therapy services.  Generally, physical therapy insurance benefits are intended to assist patients with the financial burden associated with returning to independent daily function following an injury or illness. Your therapist & staff can help you determine how your personal goals can be met and what your financial responsibility will be.

Most services for maintenance, wellness and performance enhancement that take you beyond recovery from illness/injury are not covered by health insurance. These services are offered on a self-pay basis at fees that we strive to keep at an affordable cost.