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Experience the unique BioSynchronistics® approach which utilizes one-on-one hands-on techniques in a whole body approach.

Quality Physical Therapy SM, Inc./BioSynchronistics®,  a private group of clinics, was established in 1987. Co-owners Cheryl Wilbur and Carol Tschirpke are Registered Physical Therapists who constantly broaden and deepen their knowledge of physical therapy/manual therapy techniques through participation in medical courses and seminars.

Both therapists found a notable lack of whole body application in even the most sophisticated training. Focusing on the whole body because each patient needs the health of the whole body for daily living, Cheryl Wilbur and Carol Tschirpke developed a manual therapy approach named BioSynchronistics®.

BioSynchronistics® draws on traditional physical therapy techniques, and is enhanced with a holistic approach based on both the force of gravity and the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. BioSynchronistics® combines manual approaches that balance, sequentially, all of a body’s systems. When learned in full, BioSynchronistics® is quickly usable, and complies with current HMO requirements. Treatment is accepted by most insurances.

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